β-Ga2O3 Substrates

β-Ga2O3 is a chemical compound with 2:3 stoichiometric ratio of Ga to O.
Crystal structure is Monoclinic as in the drawing below.
 Melting point 1725℃
 Density 5.95×103kg/m3
 Vickers hardness
 Young's modulus
 Thermal conductivity
 Specific heat capacity
 Refractive index

Characteristics :
  - Large band gap energy (4.8~4.9V)
  - Wide area n-type conductivity control
  - High speed melt growth under atmospheric pressure
Our company produces β-Ga2O3 single crystals using the melt growth method "EFG" (Edge-defined Film-fed Growth method).


1) Substrate for Visible / Ultraviolet LED
  Vertical LED structure by "transparent and conductive" characteristics of β-Ga2O3 substrate.

2) Substrate for Power semiconductor
  High-breakdown Voltage and Low-Loss devices by "Large band gap energy" characteristics of β-Ga2O3 substrate.

3) Ultraviolet detector
  Ultraviolet detectors can be designed without the optical filter.

and others.


- β-Ga2O3 substrates   Specifications:pdf

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