Solder paste for laser and halogen lamp solderingLSM Series

Developed for laser and halogen lamp soldering!



◎Reduce production cost
 ⇒ Change solder wire (by hand or robot) to paste (air-dispensingaser → laser, halogen lamp)

  • Point(local) heating to reduce component damages
  • Several solder alloy available: Not only SAC 305 but low melting point solder alloy as well
  • For 3D mounted substrate
  • Stencil-less process
  • Compatible with 3D-MID
  • Good workability (Defect reduction)
  • Non-halogen


  • Wind / Solar power generation
  • Mobile Device
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • LED
  • Chip component
  • FPC
  • Industrial Machinery