Lead Free Solder Paste for Jet-DispensingUnder development Lead Free Solder Paste for Jet-Dispensing

For jet-dispensing

  • 開発品 JET対応ソルダーペースト


  • Good jet - dispensing performance
  • Wide clearance (≧2mm)
  • Continuos dosage
  • No Satellite  formation
  • Good shape of jetted dots


  • Mobile Device
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • LED
  • FPC
  • Chip component


Jet Dispenser : E-STAR, Nordson EFD
Items TLF-204F-JD10HF Test method
Solder Alloy SAC305 -
Particle size (μm) 10- 25μm Laser scattering method
Flux contents (%) 16-18wt% JIS Z 3284 (1994)
Viscocity(@25deg.C) (Pa.s) 20-35Pa・s E-type viscometer
Nozzle size (mmΦ) ≧0.25mmΦ -
Halogen/Halogen-free Halogen-free IEC 61249-2-21

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