DECT Based Wireless intercom systemPortable type System

    デジタルワイヤレスインターカムシステム 可搬型システム
デジタルワイヤレスインターカムシステム 可搬型システム 基本システム

Portable controller MK-H96


  • Lightweight and compact all-in-one type integrated controller and antenna
  • Direct input possible with 2W line of wired intercom system
  • Ten handset units can be connected to each portable controller, or eight simultaneous handsets + 128 handsets for receiving calls can be connected (when using a handset in the receiving mode)
  • Simultaneous use of multiple units possible by synchronous connection using PTP-compatible HUB
  • Continuous use time
  • Alkaline battery LR6XJ: About two hours
    Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery BK-3HCD (Eneloop high-end model): About three hours and fifty minutes

  • The following settings can be made by front key operation
  • (4W/2W) setting of LINE input/output interface
    Sidetone setting
    Audio input/output level setting
    Audio matrix settings
    RF output level setting
    Setting of IP address and subnet mask

  • Can be attached to a camera by using a mounting bracket
  • Dry cell and external battery can be used in addition to AC adapter
  • Clear high sound quality (audio frequency characteristics: 100 Hz - 7 kHz)
  • Compatible with handset multipath (polarization diversity method)
  • Construction of two group-call systems and simultaneous listening are possible


Number of handset units connected to one portable controller 10 units
External interface 2 lines (LINE input)
PGM input 1 system
Power supply DV8.0V~16.0V
Environment -10℃~50℃
Weight Approx. 455g
Dimensions H129×W89×D36(mm)(Excluding protrusions)

Battery outer case MK-D96

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Weight Appprox. 160g(Excluding cable, Battery)
Dimensions H142×W89×D22(mm)(Excluding protrusions)