Tamura’s Technologies Supporting Society, Industry, and Everyday Life

Tamura’s Technologies Supporting Society, Industry, and Everyday Life

Tamura’s Technologies Supporting Society, Industry, and Everyday LifeTamura’s products have been supporting various industries and social infrastructure as “materials,” “components,” and “devices” that range from consumer products, such as automobiles and electronic equipment, to devices at manufacturing sites and natural-energy-related and aerospace fields. From raw materials to complete systems, Tamura’s technologies have contributed to safety and comfort as well as energy savings.

In Aviation and Space

Contributing to society by providing ultimate environmental resistance in the form of airplanes, rockets, and satellites


In Wind and Solar Power Generation

Offering parts and materials that contribute to efficiency improvement in renewable energy generation, etc.

Large transformers and reactors Self assembling material White reflective material Flux

In Manufacturing Plants

Playing active roles as components of robots and machine tools as well as devices indispensable for PCB assembly

At Home

Used in air conditioners and power conditioners as components that contribute to energy savings and equipment safety

In Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Employed as materials that support device evolution to realize multi-functionalization and miniaturization

In Eco-Friendly Cars

Supporting safe, secure, and ecofriendly driving with highly reliable and efficient parts and materials

Automotive reactors/Coils Thermal-links/Resistor assemblies Metal-clad resistors Solder resist Solder paste

In Broadcast Stations

Used in equipment for adjusting sound delivered to audiences, and wireless systems for in-house communication

In Automatic Vending Machines on the Street

Realizing leading-edge functions for display, item selection, interface with a smartphone, etc.

At Train Stations

Supporting railway operation in the audio-visual realm by conveying such information as arrival/departure times


Electronic Chemicals /
FA Systems