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Business Operations
The Tamura Group is involved in activities to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve energy across its business operations, in order to help reduce global warming. At the same time, the Group is pushing forward its drive to reduce substances with environmental impact to minimize their effects on the environment.

Reduction of power consumption (Reduction of CO2 Emissions)
Since FY2013, we have set a goal to reduce total CO2 emissions by focusing on power consumption, which accounts for about 95% of total CO2 emissions, and have taken various measures to achieve that goal.
In FY2016, we have carried out the visualization of power consumption and the introduction of energy-saving facilities, etc. We were able to reduce power consumption by 8% compared to the FY2005 level, but were not able to achieve the initial target of 9% due to the effects of newly integrated sites, etc. We will continue promoting energy-saving measures.

Power Consumption

CO2 emissions

■Breakdown of CO2 emissions in FY2016

Upgrade to energy-saving air-conditioners [Sakado Factory]

Upgrading outdoor lights to LED lights [Sakado Factory]


Installation of solar power generation facility
[Aizu Tamura Corporation]

Installation of storage battery
[Aizu Tamura Corporation] 

Reduction of Substances with Environmental load
In FY2016, we used reduction of environmental load substances per unit sales as an indicator, and made efforts to reduce use of such substances by setting a target of 52% reduction compared to the FY2005 level. In FY2016, although the target was reached, the basic unit has deteriorated due to the launch of new products, etc. Efforts will be further promoted toward the strict management of chemical substances, their reuse, etc.

                  ■Results of reduction in substances with environmental load

Exhaust gas treatment device
[Wakayanagi Tamura Corporation]

VOC exhaust emission control device
[Shanghai Xiangle Tamura Electro Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.] 


The Tamura Group takes the life cycle of a product into account in minimizing environmental load, contributing to the global environment through the development and manufacture of premier eco-design products.

Growth in Percentage Sales of Premier Eco-design Products

The Tamura Group has traditionally certified products that contribute to reduction of environmental load as “eco-design products” (evaluated based on the company's own assessment standards). We introduced hierarchical environmental assessment standards for products, and in April 2011, started applying these new standards to certify particularly superior products as “premier eco-design products.” 
For more information about “eco-design products,” click here. 

For FY2016, we set the goal of boosting the percentage of premier eco-design products to total sales to 21% and worked to increase sales of such products. As a result, the percentage of premier eco-design products to total sales grew to 17%, enabling us to achieve the initial target. we will continue contributing to the reduction of environmental load through the further development and release of premier eco-design products.

Premier Eco-design Products

The Tamura Group carries out the product environmental assessment in the development and design phase and while addressing the minimization of environmental impact, we will contribute to the global environment through development and offering of premier eco-design products. 

kW-class electric power source with ultra-high efficiency
A number of large-scale sports facilities for football, baseball, etc. are supplied with AC400V power source. 
In the conventional method, the voltage of AC400V is lowered to AC200V with a voltage-reduction transformer. However, various disadvantages exist, such as a significant efficiency drop (approx. 90%) due to increased energy loss of the voltage-reduction transformer and heavy weight. This product has realized high efficiency and high power factor over a wide output range by directly controlling the voltage at AC400V without requiring a voltage-reduction transformer. 

Low spring back solder resist (PAF-300-N11 series) for FPC
The PAF-300-N11 series of halogen-free solder resists for flexible substrates is available in various colors.
It is halogen-free and characterized by VTM-0 incombustibility. Due to its low-elasticity design, repulsion force is extremely low and the FPC substrate can be easily mounted by bending.

Dual-lane twin-chamber reflow soldering system (TNV33-7010EMT)
The dual-lane twin-chamber reflow soldering system is an epoch-making soldering system in which two reflow soldering systems are combined into one. It has two independently driven conveyors and, as the inside of the chamber is partitioned, two different sets of temperature profiles can be set. 
Compared to the case where two single-lane reflow soldering systems are installed, this system realizes 36% space savings and thus can contribute to the construction of your highly efficient production line by being combined with the dual mounter. Further, compared to the two single-lane reflow soldering systems, this system is equipped with an energy saving and heat insulation structure used in the TNV series, thereby realizing approximately 10% power consumption reduction in the stable state and approximately 12% reduction in integral power consumption. Furthermore, because its structure minimizes flux clogging even in mass production, maintenance performance is improved.
More than 50 units have already been delivered to customers and these have been highly evaluated by their users.

High-temperature alloy-type thermal link Y9A
Y9A is a RoHS-compliant alloy-type thermal link that has an operating temperature of 191 ºC, which has not been achieved by competitors, making it the one and only thermal link.
In contrast to currently available high-temperature alloy-type thermal links that have operating temperatures of 180 ºC to 190 ºC and contain lead, Y9A is a lead-free RoHS-compliant product that has been developed by taking into consideration the composition and assembly conditions of fusible alloys. It is an eco-friendly thermal link that responds to the needs of customers who have been using alloy-type products that contain lead. It is certified as compliant to UL, CCC, and PSE safety standards.

Energy-saving N2 dual-reflow system (TNV60-588EMD)
A new N2 dual-reflow system with a dual lane conveyor mechanism has been added to the TNV series that has already been employed as energy-saving reflow systems by users. The N2 dual-reflow system has a two-lane conveyor that allows PCB mounting without relying on other systems, as the PCB mounting process typically requires two systems. It has the same time-tested energy-saving thermal insulation structure as the TNV series, thereby reducing power consumption by about 45% compared with two single-lane TNV systems. It also reduces footprint by about 45%. It has been adopted mainly by users associated with in-car products.

◆CTW series-high-efficiency, low-cost, high-performance reactors for PFC
All industries have been stepping up their efforts for energy saving year by year. The CTW series is Tamura's unique product developed as components for PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuits used to ensure energy saving in various devices. It features: 1) Hybrid technology and optimized structure (contributing to saving energy and resources by combining different iron core materials to optimize their properties and by minimizing the use of materials other than electrical wire and iron cores, which are main materials); and 2) Spike Blocker® technology (contributing to saving energy and resources by minimizing spike noise (the figure on the right) to reduce the number of peripheral circuit components).

High-luminance LED modules alternative to halogen lamps
Koha co., ltd. has developed integrated LED light sources substitutable for high-luminance halogen lamps.
As expected, the light sources feature long lifetime and high efficiency, which are typical of LEDs, and do not emit hot infrared light, unlike existing halogen lamps. In addition, their unique and excellent structures for heat dissipation allow high-density, large-current operation; therefore, they emit a large quantity of light despite using a small area, and can be substituted for halogen lamps, offering high luminance (two types: 1000W equivalent and 650W equivalent) that existing COB packages cannot achieve.


Advertisement lighting: Shining Axis-light source module for thin double-sided sign boards
Shining Axis is an LED light source for thin double-sided sign boards. Koha's original optical design allows the LED light source to be used in sign boards with a very small thickness (60 mm). Typically, thin double-sided sign boards use a light source with a light guide plate, and so they have low luminous efficacy and require high initial costs. Meanwhile, sign boards have been becoming thinner, and there is rapidly increasing demand for side-view type LED light sources that can respond to such market trend and can solve the problems with conventional light sources while ensuring uniform surface emission. Shining Axis, which uses special lenses developed by exploiting Koha's original optical design, is a new LED light source that minimizes unevenness in light emission from thin sign boards and has a better splash proof design (IPx4) than existing products. Also, the combination of two product models provides flexibility for a wide range of sign boards with various sizes. We have also commercialized optional connection parts for easier installation by utilizing our long experience in the sign board market.

Power modules (SPM, EPM, and BPM Series)
Laws and regulations requiring energy conservation are becoming increasingly strict on a global scale. Meanwhile, there are ever-growing demands for energy-saving power sources as manufacturers offer greater numbers of electric appliances whose additional value is environmentally conscious designs.

Tamura's high-efficiency power modules, namely, the SPM, EPM, and BPM Series, substantially improve power consumption characteristics at the time of no load, and efficiency characteristics at the time of light load (when products are in standby mode). These modules meet customers' need to develop products with the industry's highest level of energy conservation performance in a short period of time, thus helping reduce power consumption and development man-hours.


PAF-300 Series, solder resist for FPC
In recent years, there have been demands for smaller, thinner, lighter, and more sophisticated mobile equipment as typified by smartphones and wearable products, and demands for thinner and lighter printed circuit boards with components mounted at higher density have been also growing. For such electronic equipment, flexible printed circuits (FPCs) are increasingly being used.
The PAF-300 Series meets the needs of customers who demand not only functions such as the flexibility required for FPC solder resist but also high design quality. It is a halogen-free, flame-resistant, safe, and functional solder resist product whose beautiful color never fades. It excels in flexibility and comes in various colors.

The PAF-300 Series is characterized by:
 ● Environmental consciousness: Halogen-free ● Safety: Flame-resistant (UL-certified)
 ● Design: Comes in various colors. ● Functionality: Flexibility, low elasticity, low resilience, and low warpage

DC12V/5.8W, a light source for plant growing
The light source DC12V/5.8W was developed to offer an alternative to fluorescent lamps used for plant cultivation and make light sources more energy-saving. 

One example of its application is that it is used to cultivate buna shimeji mushrooms, and growers favorably evaluate the product, saying that it provides a growth environment comparable to or better than ones offered by ordinary fluorescent lamps. It is as long as 40W fluorescent lamps but lasts for 50,000 hours, approximately five times the life of conventional fluorescent lamps. In addition, polycarbonate is used for its pipe, allowing users to use it safely because it is unlikely to break. The new light source can easily be maintained because it has a water-proof structure and can be washed if it is stained.


High-performance PV Reactors for Solar Power Generation
An electric power converter (power conditioner) that is used for solar power generation incorporates advanced technologies for maximizing the power conversion efficiency. We produced a catalogue of 108 variations of a PV reactor created by standardizing a reactor that is built into the electric power converter. The features are as follows: 1) A hybrid technology in which cores made of different materials are combined, 2) Spike-blocker technology for minimizing spike noise to contribute to the electromagnetic compatibility of converters, 3) CB-reactor technology for operating two MPPTs with one reactor to contribute to improving the efficiency of a set of equipment. This PV reactor is a global standard reactor that Tamura offers with confidence. 

Risk & Management

The Tamura Group thoroughly complies with environmental regulations. In addition, we are working on prevention of accidents and risk minimization through education and drills by assuming accidents and emergency situations.

Management of Chemical Substances in Products
The Tamura Group formulated the “Tamura Group Guideline for Management of Chemical Substances in Products” in November 2009 to enable systematic management of chemical substances in products. Following the integration of domestic subsidiaries into the Group in April 2010, the Guideline was reviewed to establish a management system that covers all business sites of the Tamura Group. The “Flowchart for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products” and the “Rules for Management of Chemical Substances in Products” were drawn up in November 2011 and in February 2012, respectively, for management promotion under a new system.
Thanks to this shift, a series of operations, including the review of the Green Procurement Standards based on information, such as laws and regulations for chemical substances in products; promotion of green procurement; and offering of information and data related to chemical substances in products to customers; will be conducted quicker and more accurate. 

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
We recognize that the essence of our business activities lies in following environmental policies and strictly complying with environmental laws and regulations. In FY2016, although we did not encounter any accidents or emergency situations that would have a serious impact on the environment, the Labour Standards Inspection Office advised us to take action to correct the improper handling and management of chemical substances at Kodama Factory.

Environmental Education
We believe that it is important for each employee to carry out his/her job with a deep understanding and a strong sense of awareness of having to continuously improve the environmental load. In this regard, we offer a variety of environmental education programs for the promotion of accurate understanding and practice.

Education for internal auditors

Emergency Drills
At business sites, including overseas locations, we simulate various emergency situations and accidents that could affect the environment and work through a risk management system built around two pillars: preventative measures, such as daily inspections and facility maintenance; and emergency measures in the event of an accident.
Furthermore, we have formulated basic and detailed procedures for initial response in the event of an emergency or accident, and have been conducting drills annually as a way of confirming and reviewing the effectiveness of these procedures.

Fire drill
[Tokyo Factory]

Emergency drill
at drainage facilities
[Sakado Factory]

Emergency drill for
organic solvent accidents
[Wakayanagi Tamura Corporation]

Emergency drill
for chemical leakage
[Tamura Electronics
(S. Z.) Co., Ltd.]

Emergency drill
for chemical leakage
[Tamura Electronics
(Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.]

Emergency drill
for chemical leakage
[Tamura Seiko Electronics (Chang Shu) Co.,Ltd.]

Fire drill
[Anzen Dengu
(Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.]

Emergency drill
for chemical leakage
[Shanghai Xiangle Tamura Electro-Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd]

Fire drill
[Tamura Electronic
Material (Tianjin)
Co., Ltd.]

Fire drill
[Tamura Chemical Korea
Co., Ltd.]

Fire drill
[Tamura Power
Technologies de Mexico,
S.A. de C.V.]

Fire drill
[Tamura Europe
Limited (Czech)]

Emergency drill
for chemical leakage
[Tamura Electronics (M)
Sdn. Bhd.]