Conductive materialSAM32 Series SnBi solderable Anisotropic conductive paste (Thermal compression bonding)

For terminal joining!
Lower profile and finer pitch



  • Lower profile than connectors
     ⇒Thinner products (smartphone, OLED, LCD etc.)
  • Lower pressure (1 MPa or less): Comparing to conventional ACF and ACP
     ⇒Low ltemp. solder alloy
      →①Dead space reduction
       ②Component mounting backside of SAM32 joining (space saving)
  • Applicable to Cu-OSP
     ⇒PCB cost reduction from Au plating
  • Process step reduction
     ⇒Pre-bonding not required
  • Cost reduction
     ⇒Repairable/ reworkable
  • Environmentally friendly material: RoHS compliant, Halogen-free, VOC-free
  • Applicable pitch size:
      Applicable L/S
     ・100/100μm (Solder particle size:5~ 20μm)
     ・50/50μm (Solder particle size: 3~ 10μm)
     ・30/30μm  (Solder particle size:2~ 6μm)(Under Development)

※This product is under the licence of Panasonic Smart Factory SolutionsCo., Ltd.


  • Wind / Solar power generation
  • Mobile device
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • LED
  • Chip component
  • FPC
  • Industrial machinery