Beware of emails from people who impersonate HR Manager of our company

Sep.05, 2016

It has come to our attention recently that people who impersonate HR Manager named such as Shinji Naoki, Hachirou Daichi, Takashi Yamato, etc of our company send emails for the purpose of make job offer of Account Receivable in USA and Canada. 

There are also cases where provision of personal information or payment is requested as a result of responding to such emails.

Our company does not request affiliation including any overseas representative only by sending emails.  

If you receive unfamiliar emails from HR Manager of our company as indicated in the above, we strongly recommend you to delete the message or ignore it without replying. 

For your reference, we attach notice of Cybercrime Control Division of Community Safety Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department of Japan.  

  Note: This content requires Adobe PDF.  

We thank you very much for your attention on this issue.