IR Communication

The timely and proper disclosure of company information in line with laws and regulations gives shareholders and investors an accurate understanding of the Tamura Group and wins their trust.

Financial briefings for investors

Our financial statements are announced quarterly with its accounts for the full year ending March. At the announcement of the full year results (in May) and the announcement of the second quarter results (in November), the financial results briefing is held for analysts and institutional investors within a few days following the announcement, where the president and the senior management report the business results, the business prospect, etc. The written materials used there are posted on the Group’s website without delay following the announcement. A questionnaire survey on the IR activity is also conducted at the financial results briefing and we make efforts to improve the method of information dissemination to the shareholders and investors. 

Information Disclosure to Investors via Website

To ensure that information is released in an expeditious and fair manner, a Web site for investors (IR Information) has been set up as a way to foster communication.* Financial statements and materials distributed at financial briefings are posted on the Web site immediately after the financial results are announced. We also issue quarterly financial reviews and shareholder notices as other forms of com- munication with shareholders and investors.
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Our Philosophy of Returning Profits to Shareholders

The Tamura Group, while working to increase corporate value through mid- and long-term management plans and reinforce financial strength by expanding operating revenue and securing internal reserves, shall continue to make efforts to further stabilize and improve the dividend level based on the recognition that returning profits to shareholders is its top priority.