Materiality (key issues)

The Tamura Group identified materiality concerning sustainability in May 2021.

The Tamura Group will promote CSR and perform its social responsibility in the areas of global environment, human rights and labor, quality, social contribution, compliance, risk management, and information management while setting forth a sustainability strategy aiming for 2030 and positioning SDGs as the challenge that the Group as a whole should address.
Furthermore, it is formulating a new sustainability strategy targeting 2050 in order to clearly define what it wants to evolve into from a long-term perspective, work on sustainability more strategically, and grow sustainably. As part of this effort, the Group reassessed how it should be toward the future, and how to address or approach a variety of social challenges and treat these as materiality (key issues).

The Process of Identifying Materiality

Materiality for the Tamura Group
We divided materiality into three, i.e., “issues closely linked with businesses,” “issues closely linked with ESG,” and “issues closely linked with stakeholders.”

Future Efforts and Initiatives
The Tamura Group will continue to deepen discussions on the identified materiality at the CSR Management Committee in a bid to identify what the Group wants to be by 2050, and will draw up a roadmap to address the challenges. Furthermore, in formulating the next medium-term management plan that kicks off in FY2022, the Group will set the target and work on it by following the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle on a group-wide basis.