47th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show2017)
19th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition (JISSO PROTEC2017)
Highlight of display items at Tamura booth

Jun. 05, 2017 Tamura Corporation

Tamura Corporation (Head office: Nerima-Ku, Tokyo Japan, President/CEO: Naoki Tamura) will exhibit at 47th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show2017) and 19th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition (JISSO PROTEC2017) at Tokyo Big Sight from 7th (Wed)~ 9th (Fri) June.

We will exhibit not only joining materials which are used anti-oxidant technology, our origin of electronic chemicals business but FA equipment as well. We will provide TP series with modifying for our valued customers which is on a consecutive production line from flux application, pre-heating, soldering and inspection to rework.

【Introduction of display items】

■47th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show2017)  Booth No. East 7/7D-32

・High reliability solder mask “DSR-2200-ACR series”
This solder mask has excellent thermal cycle resistance (-40℃⇔125℃ 3,000 thermal cycles) and heat resistance, suitable to automotive applications which require high reliability especially under high temperature conditions. 

・High reliability alkali photo-imageable liquid solder mask”DSR-2200P52 series”
This solder mask is high sensitive (exposure amount 100mJ/cm2 or less) and compatible with each direct-imaging (DI) exposure. To meet automotive requirements, long term reliabilities such as heat resistance, insulation reliability and adhesion are also improved.

・Liquid solder mask for FPC compatible with DI exposure “APB-300-21”
This black solder mask has high flexibility suitable to FPC and high sensitivity compatible with each direct-imaging (DI)exposure (exposure amount: 100mJ/cm2 or less). 

・Low spring-back liquid solder mask for FPC “PAF-300-N11 series”
“PAF-300-N11 series” has a wide range of colour line-up, halogen-free solder mask for FPC with flame resistance VTM-0. Thanks to very low spring-back, it is easy to assemble with folding the FPC.

・High heat resistance black absorbing material for FPC “APB-300-TR”
This black solder mask for FPC is compatible with high flexibility and high temperature soldering resistance (solder floating test: 320’C).

・High heat resistance OSP for printed circuit board “WPF-27”
This OSP (organic solderability preservative) can create high heat resistance organic film on copper surfaces. Even after high temperature reflow, this product secures Pb-free solder wetting on copper and in through-holes with 2.4 mmt PCB.

■19th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition (JISSO PROTEC2017)  Booth No. East 4/4A-04

〈FA equipment〉

・Point-dip soldering “TP series”
This soldering equipment is composed 6 products:- “trace spray,” “Pre-heater,” “Selective solder bath,” “trace solder bath” and “inspection/ repair.” Manual process such as inspection and rework can be reduced or eliminated and automated. Our equipment will help you improve your product quality. The 6 products are module type products. Depending on your production layout, you can arrange the combinations. 

〈Joining materials〉

・High heat resistance solder paste”TLF-286 series”
”TLF-286 series” is high heat resistance solder paste for automotive which consists new heat resistance solder alloy and new flux system. The solder alloy (our alloy part number: #286) prevent solder cracking during -40℃⇔125℃ 3000 thermal cycles. The new flux secures reliability of “TLF-204-GTS-VR series” and was improved the processibility of the solder paste. 

・Solder paste with crack-free flux residue system “TLF-204-GTS-VR series” 
This is next generation high reliability solder paste which was improved its crack prevention property and the processibility of the solder paste. The crack prevention property passed -40℃⇔125℃ 3000 thermal cycles, its processibility realizes longer continuous printing and good printability with fine pitches. 

・SnBi solder anisotropic conductive paste “SAM32 series”
Interconnections for FOB, FOF and so forth are required the compatibility with fine pitch connection. Current “SAM32 series” was applicable with L/S= 100/100 μm and 50/50 μm, but now “SAM32 series” has new line-up which is applicable to L/S= 30/30 μm. 

・Solder paste for micro-bumping “LF-204-GD series” and for pre-solder
Pitch distance is becoming narrower and narrower rapidly in semiconductor packaging market. Our “GD series” is for printing process applicable to 150μmP or narrower by using special flux and fine solder particles.
Our newly developed solder paste for pre-solder is alternative to plating and realized uniform solder coating on copper surface. 

・Low flux residue on solder pallet “EC-19S-11”
In the market, dipping process is widely used for connector joining. It is an issue that flux residues on solder pallets during the process. In order to solve the issue, we developed new flux which was improved wetting speed and equipment maintenance with reducing amount of flux residues on the pallet. 

【Exhibition information】
47th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show2017)
Period: 7th (Wed) ~ 9th (Fri) June 10:00~ 17:00
Hall: Tokyo Big Sight Booth No. East 7/7D-32

■19th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition (JISSO PROTEC2017)
Period: 7th (Wed) ~ 9th (Fri) June 10:00~ 17:00
Hall: Tokyo Big Sight Booth No. East 4/4A-04

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