Digital Wireless Intercom SystemPortable type System

    Digital Wireless Intercom System Portable type System
Digital Wireless Intercom System Portable type System Basic system

Cell Station(CS) YFP-1821A


2W line of Clear-Com can be input directly 4 PS units can be connected to one CS unit. Up to 5 CS units can be used simultaneously with synchronous connection Continuous use time is 7 hours or more (when 8 AA alkali cells are used)

  • Setting of LINE input/output interface (4W/2W)
  • Setting of talkback
  • Setting of audio input/output level
  • Confirmation of registration ID
  • Setting of RF output level


Audio frequency 3.4kHz or less
Audio encoding system 32kbit/s ADPCM
Line specification 4W: IN 0 dBm, OUT 0 dBm
AIR: IN -20dBm
Microphone input -50dBm (unbalanced 600Ω)
Speaker output 15 mW or more (at 8Ω)
Power supply DC8.0~16.0V (negatively grounded)
Structure Portable type
Standards Technical standard conformance has been certificated
Environment -10~+50
Weight Approx. 430g

Base Station (BS) YOP-1800


Audio frequency 3.4 kHz or less
Line specification 44W: Input -20dBm(unbalanced 600Ω) Output 0dBs(balanced 50Ω)
Program input -20dBm(balanced 600Ω)
Public telephone function input/output -10dB(600Ω) 1 line
Power supply DC 8.0~13.5V(negatively grounded)
Structure Portable type
Environment -10~+50˚C
Weight Approx. 480g

Battery box YBB-1800


YOP-1800 Battery box 8 AA alkali cells are used