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Products Information

Electronic Components
Electro Chemical Materials/Soldering System
Broadcast Equipment/Wireless Intercom System
Network Equipment/Wireless Equipment

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Products Information
Electronic Components
   Pulse Transformers
   Audio Transformers
   Telecom Transformers
   Communication Transformers
   Hybrid Coils
   Power Transformers
   Large Size Power Transformers
   Switch Mode Power Transformers
   Vacuum Tube Type Power Supply Transformers
  ·Current Sensors
  ·Power Supplies
   AC Adaptors
   Power Module
   Piezoelectric Ceramics for High Power Applications
   Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer (SOLIDFORMER®)
   High Voltage Power Supplies
   Ultrasonic Transducers
   Bolt-clamped Langevin Type Transducer
  ·Magnetic Materials
  ·Thermal Cutoffs
  ·LED Products(KOHA Co., Ltd. Web Site)
Electronic Chemicals/Soldering System
  ·Electronic Chemicals
  ·Reflow Soldering System
  ·Wave Soldering System
  ·FA Requirements
Broadcast Equipment/Wireless Intercom System
  ·Professional Audio
    Broadcast Studio System
    Outside Broadcast Gears
    Wireless Intercom
    Digital Wireless Mic
Network Equipment/Wireless Equipment
  ·Network Equipment
  ·Analog Modem
  ·Wireless Equipment

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