Transparent Insulation MaterialJIM-30-13 Transparent insulation material for ink-jetting

Film thickness is lower  than transparent insulation films' (2μm)

  • JIM-30-13 Dot
    Dot(φ30-70μm,Film Thickness:7μm)
  • JIM-30-13 Line
    Line(width70-220μm,Film Thickness:7-25μm)


  • Thinner transparent insulation film (2μm) achievable
  • Localised application by ink-jetting
  • UV-Curable: Applicable to heat-sensitive base materials such as PET film
  • Usage: Touch-panels for mobiles, tablets and smartphones
  • Application method: Ink-jetting


  • Mobile Device
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • LED
  • FPC
  • Chip component