Air Wave Soldering SystemHC-SS Series

  • HC-SS Series
    • A set of air soldering system and spray fluxer
    • Achieve economy price in a set


  • Solding process is easily viewed through display
  • Cast iron pump is adopted for solder bath. FLIP also available
  • Spray nozzle independent control minimize flux consumption
  • [Edge Off Function]enhances application performance and reduce maintenance

Specifications for equipment

(Soldering System)
Applicable boards MAX W330×L350×t1.6(mm)
M I N W 50×L120×t0.6(mm)
Component height Upper MAX. 150mm or lower
Lower MAX. 6mm or lower
Input Power source AC200V±10%-50Hz-3φ 26kVA 75A
Conveyor angle 4 ~ 5°
Dimensions of machine W1326xL4560xH1470(mm)
(Excluding solder)
Approx. 1500kg
(Spray Fluxer)
Applicable boards MAX W400×L450×t3.5(mm)
MIN W 50×L120×t0.6(mm))
Component height Upper MAX. 100mm or lower
Lower MAX. 10mm or lower
Input Power source AC200V±10%-50Hz-3φ
Conveyor angle
Dimensions of machine W1215×L1220※1×H1210※2(mm)
(Excluding solder)
Approx. 350kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • ※1Except inlet and outlet sprockets
  • ※2Except Exhaust Duct, Signal Tower and LCD Monitor