Air Wave Soldering SystemHC-L series

  • TEW Series
    • Hot air blow heating WAVE system


  • Completely lead-free , high precision preheat.
  • Spot cooler is standard to be attached for optimum soldering!! Optimum soldering has been realized.
  • Secondary nozzle former remote adjustable mechanism Remote control with Lap top PC. (Option)
  • Central control with touch panel
  • Automatic adjustment of preheating temperature of the printed circuit board.
  • Reduce solder dross with local N2 hood(KL-Series)

Specifications for equipment

HC33-32LX/LT HC40-32LX/LT
Applicable boards MAX W330×L350×t1.6 (mm)
MI N W 50×L120×t0.6 (mm)
MAX W400×L450×t1.6 (mm)
M I N W 50×L120×t0.6 (mm)
Component height Upper 150mm or lower
Lower 6mm or lower
Upper 150mm or lower
Lower 6mm or lower
Power source AC200V±10% -50/60Hz-3φ 34kVA 97A AC200V±10% -50/60Hz-3φ 34kVA 97A
Conveyor angle 4 ~ 5°(Standard 4.5°) 4 ~ 5°(Standard 4.5°)
Dimensions of machine W1320×L3200×H1630 (mm) W1390×L3200×H1630 (mm)
Weight Approx. 1500kg Approx. 1500kg
Soldering capacity Approx. 490kg Approx. 490kg

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.