Spray FluxerTAF Series

  • TAF Series
    • Standard model
    • VOC regulation


  • Coating efficiency has been improved as compared with conventional units.
  • Coating efficiency has been further improved with the "edge off" function.
    (Conventional units approximately 50% R Approximately 82%).
  • Maintenance frequency has been reduced to about 1/3 of the conventional units, due to the decrease in splash resulting from painting efficiency improvement.
    (Amount of splash in conventional units, approximately 50%, reduced to about 18%).
  • A variety of ideas for the reduction of running costs
    (preheater efficiency, sheet filter, blower efficiency, etc.).
  • The nozzle reciprocation speed is automatically determined depending on the transfer speed and width of the circuitboard.
  • The nozzles and inside of pipes are automatically cleaned atthe finish of operation.



    • Color operation touch panel
      (Japanese or English)
    • Upper primary sheet filter
    • Lower primary roll filter
    • Secondary sheet filter
    • Chain washing unit
    • Edge-off function
    • Pre-heater (Only 15PF)

    • Tower light
    • Special color
    • Inlet (outlet) conveyor extension
    • CO2 Extinguisher

Specifications for equipment

TAF40-12F TAF40-15PF
Applicable boards MAX W400×L450×t1.6 (mm)
MIN W 50×L120×0.6 (mm)
MAX W400×L450×t1.6 (mm)
MIN W 50×L120×0.6 (mm)
Component height Upper MAX. 100mm or lower
Lower MAX. 10mm or lower
Upper MAX. 100mm or lower
Lower MAX. 10mm or lower
Input Power source AC200V±10%-50/60-3φ 2.8kVA 8.2A AC200V±10%-50/60-3φ 11kVA 32A
Conveyor angle
Dimensions of machine W1215×L1210×H1200 (mm) W1215×L1510×H1200 (mm)
Weight Approx. 350kg Approx. 380kg

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.