• TNV-EM Ver2 Series
    • TNV series is also to evolve one step, debut in a new form!
    • New Modern-Form by Pro-Designer.
      To appear more beautiful your SMT-Room


New Structure High-Power Flux Collection -System

  • Flux Collection Box.
  • Cooling-Unit.

3times of Collection-Efficiency! Maintenance-Cycle extend 1.7times!

reduce N2 consumption

Ultimate N2-Sealing performance!

reduce N2 consumption

Inlet/Outlet Variable PCB Clearance Setting Function! (Optional)

  • Can be change variable every PCB!
  • Greatly reduce N2 consumption!
Inlet/Outlet Variable PCB Clearance Setting Function

Standard equip High-Heating-Power Flow-Panel “X-Panel”

Increase Heating-Power +25% than previous model!
= Speed up Production-Tact-time with increase Productivity!

  • Normal Standard Type (P) panel
    Hot-Air flow from Blow-Hole on Panel
  • Type(X) panel
    How-Air flow from accurate Projection-Hole on Panel

Can be find your Special-request-Spec from many kinds of Wide-range Optional-parts!

Can be find your Special-request-Spec from many kinds of Wide-range Optional-parts

Specifications for equipment

TNV-EM Ver2 Series
Input Power Source Malti-Grouping Flip-Flop function Heater Optimized Control System
AC 200V ±10% - 50/60Hz - 3Phase
[M-size 8Zone] 26kVA 75A (Main Breaker 100A)
[M-size 10Zone] 34kVA 99A (Main Breaker 125A)
[ L -size 10Zone] 47kVA 134A (Main Breaker 150A)
N2 supply [M-size 8Zone] More than 250NL/min, More than 99.99%
[M-size 10Zone] More than 250NL/min, More than 99.99%
[ L -size 10Zone] More than 500NL/min, More than 99.99%
Acceptable PCB size [M-Size 8Zone][M-size 10Zone]
Width MAX.300mm MIN .50mm / Length MAX.330mm MIN .50mm [ L -size 10Zone]
Width MAX.510mm MIN .50mm / Length MAX.600mm MIN .50mm
Mounting Parts Hight(Upper-Side/Bottom-Side) ※10-25mm
Reference Surface on Bottom Surface (Can be Setup Variable 5mm Step)
Conveyor Chain-Pin Length 4mm
Conveyor Speed 0.3 - 1.5m/min
Pass Line 900±20mm
Dimension and Weight of Machine [M-size 8Zone] W1310 x L5000 x H1384mm, App.2100kg
[M-size 10Zone] W1310 x L6100 x H1384mm, App.2400kg
[L -size 10Zone] W1530 x L6700 x H1435mm, App.3100kg
Body Color Special Color for New-TNV-Ver.Ⅱ (N-White/101-Silver/EN-Black)
Screen display Japanese/English/Chinese

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.