Heat bonder for SAM30(Joint Reinforcement Paste)TCB50-50M

  • TCB50-50M
    • Possible to joint by low pressure
    • For FPC or PCB joint


  • Heat Bonder “TCB50-50M” for the next-generation bonding material “SAM30”
  • Optimal servo motor for the head elevation mechanism used to allow minute setting of compression bonding speed
  • Two units of high-performance, high-sensitivity color CCD cameras used to simultaneously display the sharp images of two recognition marks on both edges of the PCB in two split screens on the monitor
  • Long-life, low-heat-generating LED light source included as standard equipment used for the light for alignment
  • Cartridge heater adopted to provide stable heating
  • Cushioning material feeding mechanism included to allow easy replacement
  • Large touch panel adopted for the operation setting screen to offer user-friendly operation feeling
  • Compact design with a width of 500mm for desktop cell production
  • Also offered in packages including dispensers and work stages optimal for “SAM30”


PCB Dimensions MI N. W 10 × L 10 (mm)
MAX. W 55 × L 90 (mm)
Thickness MIN. 0.1mm ~ MAX. 2.0mm
(pressure bonded section)
Component height 5.0mm or lower
FPC Connection width 10~50mm
Dimensions allowing
pressure bonding
(heater chip size)
Width MI N : 8mm ~ MAX : 50mm
Depth MI N : 1mm ~ MAX : 4mm


Cycle production 1FPC/1PCB
Dimensions of machine W500×D700×H1050mm (Excluding the control box)
Power source AC200 (200)V-1φ-50/60Hz
Pneumatic pressure source 0.4Mpa or higher, 250NL/min
Heater Cartridge heater
Camera High-performance CCD camera
Light (for positioning) LED light source adopted