Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy at This Website

  • As part of its commitment to provide secure and reliable service to users, Tamura Corporation and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "Tamura") properly and appropriately collects and use your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number and other information that allows Tamura to identify you (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") and takes all the reasonable measures to protect your personal information as follows:

1. The amount and type of personal information you disclose to us is solely at your discretion. You may use most of the services provided at this website without providing your personal information; however, please understand that some of the services are only available for users who chose to disclose their personal information to Tamura.

2. If Tamura obtains your private information in writing, it will expressly state the purpose of its use every time it does so unless the purpose of its use is apparent. Tamura will use any personal information that Tamura obtains directly or indirectly or that Tamura has already obtained within the following scope of purposes.
  1. To send new product information via e-mail to visitors or customers upon request.
  2. To send replies to inquiries regarding our products.
  3. To invite customers to our exhibitions and/or industry events, manage their entrance and exit as well as to send documents requested on site.
  4. To understand the access information statistically.
  5. To recruit human resources or to communicate with retired employees.
  6. Contact with stockholders and other business processing and management.

We may also use personal information collected in connection with order receipt processing and other regular business operations and business communications.

3. Tamura do not disclose your personal information to any third party without your agreement prior to such disclosure except:
  1. When we commission part of our operations to a third party in order to implement the above purposes of use. (If this were the case, we will oblige the third party in our business contract to appropriately manage the personal information we have provided and to prohibit its use for any purpose other than provided in the contract.)
  2. When Tamura must cooperate with governmental or municipal bodies and/or organizations or their designees in their performing procedures and/or services as provided by law, rule or regulation.
  3. When required to protect human life, to avoid injury, or to protect assets and when getting your consent is difficult.
4. If you want to inquire as to how your personal information about how it is being applied (or not),you can contact us by using the Inquiry Form on This Website,and Tamura will appropriately handle your inquiry.

5. Tamura takes reasonable and proper measures to prevent illegal access to, or loss, falsification and leakage of and to securely store personal information. Tamura also maintains your personal information for a period deemed appropriate and necessary.

6. Tamura strictly complies with laws and regulation as well as other relevant rules to protect personal information and will continuously improve its internal management system for the protection of personal information in accordance with changes in social environments.

About Cookie

Some webpages of This Website uses a technology called a cookie to store information about your interactions that may be needed later to perform a function. A "cookie" is information stored on your computer by a Web server and used to customize your Web service in some way. This technology is used in many websites. Access information collected by the cookie can not be able to identify yourself. If you do not want the information collection with the cookie by us, some browsers provide a way to turn off the cookie functionality, but in this case, you may become unable to use any or all of services offered by This Website.