Customer Relations

We are striving to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying top-quality products based on our proprietary technology.

Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction Quality

Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

◆Supply Chain Management Activities (MAPS* system)
In order to meet the demand of customers to deliver “the necessary goods in the necessary quantities, at the necessary time,” we have introduced the “MAPS System” for the integrated management of key business operations at sales offices and factories, both in Japan and overseas. Assessment index management has been implemented to ensure stability of the activities. At the same time, we have expanded MAPS introduction to the main offices and factories over seas in an attempt to level business operations and strengthen supply chain management.

* MAPS is the name of Tamura Group's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and is the acronym for “Management Accounting Production Sales.

Participation in Exhibitions
With the aim of providing products and services that bring higher levels of satisfaction, the Tamura Group proactively participates in domestic and overseas exhibitions to strengthen communication with customers. In FY2016, we participated in exhibitions in such fields as electronic components, lighting, electronic chemicals/FA systems, and broadcast equipment that were held in not only Japan but also China, Korea, the U.S., Germany, and other countries.

(Makuhari Messe, Japan)

electronica 2016
(Messe Muenchen, Germany)  

2016 NAB Show
(Las Vegas Convention Center, U.S.A)

prodcutronca China 2017
(Shanghai New International Expo Center, China)


◆Tamura Group Quality Policy
The Tamura Group Quality Policy, the Group's basic quality policy, is as follows:
 TAMURA Group Quality Policy

Basic Principles  
Deliver value that satisfies the customer Roll out activities from the customer's perspective

Quality Policy  
We will work to earn greater customer trust, increase customer satisfaction and contribute to society by developing a quality management system, maintaining and improving its effectiveness through ongoing management reviews and delivering high-quality products and services that will be valued by the world.

Quality Assurance System
The Tamura Group has established the quality assurance system applicable to each business characteristic of electronic components, electronic chemicals/FA systems, and information equipment in order to respond to all needs of customers in various business fields. Furthermore, the Quality Control Committee holds meetings eight times per year, during which the quality assurance managers from all the Group’s businesses attend and share its quality information to work on preventive measures for quality-related problems.

◆Status of Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification (as of April 1, 2017)
The Tamura Group has acquired ISO9001 certification for its manufacturing sites listed below. Applying quality management systems mainly to daily quality control, quality improvement, and prevention of quality problems, each manufacturing site is striving to deliver products with stable quality strictly by appointed delivery deadlines.

ISO9001 Certification (as of April 1, 2017)

 Certified Registered Business Operators
 Electronic Components Business  Tamura Corp. Electronic Components Business Sector
 [Sakado Factory]
 Wakayanagi Tamura Corporation
 Aizu Tamura Corporation
 KOHA Co.,Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (S. Z.) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
 Tamura Europe Limited [U.K., Czech]
 Tamura Power Technologies de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
 Anzen Dengu (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.
 Op-Seed Co.,(BD)Ltd.
 Tamura Seiko Electronics (Chang Shu) Co., Ltd.
 Hefei Ecriee-Tamura Electric Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Corporation of Korea
 Earth Tamura Electronic (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
 Electronic Chemicals / FA System
 Tamura Corp. Electronic Chemicals & FA System Business Sector
 [Iruma Factory, Kodama Factory, Nagoya Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office]
 Tamura Corp. Factory Automation Business Unit
 [Sayama Factory, Osaka Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office]
 Tamura Chemical Korea Co., Ltd.
 Shanghai Xiangle Tamura Electro-Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Kaken (Dongguan) Ltd.
 Tamura Electronic Material(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Kaken Tech Co., Ltd.
 Tamura FA System(Suzhon) Corporation
 Information Equipment Business
 Tamura Corp. Broadcom Business Unit
 [Tokyo Factory]

◆Quality Promotion Conference
In order to maintain the awareness of the need for quality improvement efforts among the employees, the Tamura Group has designated October 4 of each year as the “Tamura Group Quality Day” and annually holds the Tamura Group Quality Promotion Conference around the Quality Day. In FY2016, actual initiatives for quality improvement were presented by two divisions of the Group. Furthermore, a lecture meeting was held by inviting an outside lecturer.