Tamura’s current sensors for EU RoHS

We are working to environmentally relevant laws in EU (i.e. RoHS, REACH). And TAMUTA supply the current sensors that complied with EU RoHS(2011/65/EU) to our customers.

If you need the certification of RoHS directive or the report of REACH SVHC , please contact distributor or sales office. In that case, please specify the product name. It is not possible to issue it by the product series name.

Prohibited Substances

Material Maximum levels
Cadmium(Cd) < 100ppm
Lead (Pb) < 1,000ppm
Mercury(Hg) < 1,000ppm
Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) < 1,000ppm
Polybrominated biphenyl(PBB) < 1,000ppm
Polybrominated diphenyl ether(PBDE) < 1,000ppm

*Prohibited substances and exceptions follow EU RoHS Directive


All the current sensors of the catalog shown in the following correspond. Please make separate inquiries if there is not product name. In addition, neither the discontinued products nor Not-recommended for new design are described.

Series name Series name Series name Series name
F01PxxxS05 L01ZxxxS05 L12P025D15 S20S200D15M1
F01PxxxS05L L03SxxxD15 L18PxxxD15 S21S180D15JN
F02PxxxS05 L03SxxxD15W L18PxxxD15-OP S22PxxxS05(P)(M2)
F02PxxxS05L L05Z800S15 L18PxxxS05 S23P50/100D15(M1)(M2)
F03PxxxS05 L06PxxxS05 L18PxxxS05R S25PxxxD15y
F03PxxxS05L L07PxxxD15 L18PxxxS12 S26P200D15Y
  L07PxxxD15S SL18PxxxD15 S27S300D15Y(M)
  L07PxxxS05 L31SxxxS05FS S28S500D24Z(M)
  L08PxxxD15 L32SxxxS05(B)FS S29S1T0D24Z(M)(J)
  L08PxxxD15W/IPV L34SxxxD15  

The symbol of primary norminal current is “xxx”. 3 digit.