S22PxxxS05P Series

caraS22PxxxS05P Series

Suitable for small UPS and general purpose inverter
Introduction of S22P family


Short lead : 3.5mm from standoff
Compact,High-end models are F01/F02/F03PxxxS05L series.
3 standard models, Primary norminal current ; 6A, 15A and 25A
Wide electrical current range ( The saturation current is 3 times the primary norminal current )
PCB mounting design
Only 22.2*12.7mm as surface occupied on the PCB

yaji1General characteristics

Closed loop, Voltage-output type
Unipolar power supply : +5V, Rated output voltage : Vof +0.625V, Offset voltage : +2.5V(Fixed)
Insulation voltage : AC3kV, 50Hz, 1min
Creepage distance : 6.3mm

yaji1Standard compliance:

UL 508 (UR marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking

yaji1Spec sheet

icon_1r_24Spec sheet