F23PxxxS05R Series

caraF23PxxxS05R Series

Suitable for power conditioner, High stability (Low temperature drift)

yaji1Product Lineup

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Series Types Rated Current Reference access Number of primary busbar Clearance distance,
Primary ⇔ Secondary
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F23P050S05R 50 Yes 3pcs 11.0mm icon_pdf - 118420b
F23P100S05R 100 icon_pdf - 118420b


2 standard models, Primary norminal current(Maximum current) ; 50A(150A), 100A(200A).
Closed Loop Fluxgate system used.
Super precision at +85℃ and -40℃.
Multi-Busbar, With reference access (Ref_In/Ref_Out).
PCB mounting models, Built-in busbar.

yaji1General characteristics

Closed Loop Fluxgate system used, Voltage-output type
Unipolar power supply : +5V, Rated output voltage : Vof +0.625V, Offset voltage : +2.5V or Vref_in
Insulation voltage : AC5.0kV, 50 Hz, 1 min
Ambient Operating temperature : -40 ~ +85℃
Creepage distance : 12.7mm, Clearance distance : 11.0mm

yaji1Standard compliance:

UL 508 (UR marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking