Thermal-LinksSelection of Thermal-Links

Selection of Thermal-Links

Please select the most suitable product under the specification of rated voltage, rated current and maximum operating temperature. Selection of suitable leads type save your design and production cost effectively.

Selection of Thermal-Links Axial lead type
Selection of Thermal-Links Radial lead type

Selection method

The resistor can be selected according to the following two steps
STEP1:The series is selected from the table of rating electric
STEP2:Resistance is selected from the table of resistance
STEP2:Axial lead type
  • The explanation of nominal resistance code

    1st and 2nd digit is effective digit (Unit(Ω)ohm), and 3rd digit is the number of "zero" after the effective digit. (JIS C 5201) If there is a decimal point, capital "R" stands for the point. And In this case is all effective digit.

    • An example
    • R15…0.15Ω
    • 1R5…1.5Ω
    • 150…15Ω
    • 151…150Ω
    • 152…1.5kΩ